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Terms & Conditions of Coach Hire


The reservation is accepted by Blue Sky Coaches, referred to as the Company under the following conditions of hire:

They form the basis of the contract under which the Company agrees to hire its vehicles to the customer (hereinafter called “the hirer”).


1. Use of the Vehicle


The Company advises on journey times in good faith. Any distances or travel times expressed by the Company assume the most direct route and normal road and weather conditions. No liability can be accepted by the Company for unforeseen circumstances that alter route or journey times. The route used unless the Hirer has advised of a particular route of places to be passed en route which will be specified on the confirmation letter, and will be at the discretion of the Company and/or the driver. The Company does not guarantee to complete any journey in any given time and will not be accountable for any loss or inconvenience which may arise from the delay or detention of any vehicle arising from any cause whatsoever. Should a vehicle be detained by the Hirer or be taken on a longer journey than contracted for, the Company reserves the right to make a proportional additional charge. Unless stated it should not be assumed that any vehicle will remain at the destination until the time for the return journey.


2. Payment Terms


We would require a non-refundable £50.00 deposit to secure your coach hire, with the final balance due two weeks prior to the departure, unless other payment terms are agreed at time of booking. No admission charges or anything other than coach hire costs are included in the price unless otherwise stated in writing.


3. Supply of Larger Vehicles


The Company reserves the right to supply a larger seater capacity vehicle or a higher grade than that reserved, however the cost will remain as originally agreed unless the Hirer uses the extra seating or higher grade facilities, when a supplement will be charged.


4. The Use of Other Operators Vehicles


The company reserves the right to sub-contract to an alternative Company provided an equal or greater grade/size vehicle is supplied.


5. Cancellation


Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions by the client will be chargeable at the normal scale of cancellation fees (Available on request), including termination part-way through a journey due to inclement weather by the client or Company/Driver. Any other arrangement over and above coach hire, cancellation charges will be levied according to scales in operation by the Company supplying the services. Cancelled bookings notified within a minimum of 14 days will incur no additional charges, after this you will be subject to 25% charge and full payment if notified less than 48 hours. Please note that during peak times our cancellation charges will be charged accordingly on an individual basis. All arrangements for hotel accommodation, meal, theatre tickets, sea or tunnel journeys or any other item/service made by the Company as agents for or on behalf of the Hirer, on the express condition that the Company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or delay or inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of any arrangements. These arrangements are also made under the conditions of supply by the suppliers.

Theatre tickets once purchased are non refundable. Should you wish to cancel your coach hire, a cancellation scale of charges will apply, details available upon request.


6. Loss, Damage or Injury


The Company will not accept any liability for the damage or loss to any property entering or leaving the coach whilst in motion. The Company shall not be liable to the Hirer or any other person for loss or damage suffered by them in their trade, business or profession in the consequence of the death of or personal injury to any person with whom the Hirer of such person has a contract of employment or a contract for services, whether such death or personal injury be caused by negligence, default or misconduct of the Company or their servants or agents or otherwise. The Company will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property left in vehicles, passenger areas or baggage compartments. The Company will not accept any liability for damage, injury or loss for any passenger standing up or walking around the vehicle whilst in motion.


7 . Passenger Conduct


Under no circumstance may alcoholic drinks be carried on or consumed upon the vehicle without the express permission of the Company in writing.Where the hire is to a sporting event, the hirer should be aware of the legal requirements relating to alcohol, contained in the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985, (as amended) and the conditions of entry to race courses as laid down by the Race Course Association Ltd. The company will provide details of these restrictions on request.The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle at all times and as such may remove any passenger whose behaviour prejudices safety or is in breach of the Public Service Vehicle (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations 1990. These regulations set out certain rights and responsibilities on all parties and full details of these can be obtained from the company on request. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any passenger for the duration of the hire. A charge of £95.00 will be made if the vehicle is soiled by a passenger(s) and any damage incurred will be charged subject to repair costs.


8. No Smoking/Vaping Policy/Alcohol


Hirers should note that this Company operates a policy of no smoking/vaping on all Company vehicles. This policy will be strictly enforced and would ask all hirers to bring this condition to the attention of all passengers intending to travel on the coach. When attending a sporting event, no alcohol is to be consumed, and drivers are instructed to stop and advise the office. The consumption of alcohol for other coach hire is at the Company's discretion and must be in moderation, with all rubbish cleared away. The driver is in charge at all times and should not be distracted whilst driving.

Failure to respect our drivers and vehicles will result in the coach being stopped and all passengers being removed.


9. Passenger Capacity and Seat Belts


No passengers may be carried in excess of the seating capacity of the vehicle and passengers must wear the seat belts provided at all times.


10. Drivers Hour’s Regulations


Driver’s Working/Rest Period Hours Regulations. The Hirer undertakes to abide by all statutory requirements and regulations which may in any way affect the journey in question and especially the regulations in respect of driver’s hours. Drivers are familiar with these regulations and whilst they will conform to the reasonable requests of passengers (as to the reasonableness of which the driver alone shall be the judge) they will as far as circumstances permit, depart from any destination or from intermediate stopping places at the times agreed beforehand (or specified by the driver) and to ensure compliance with the regulations will on no account wait for members of the party who have failed to join the vehicle by the time so appointed. The Company will accept no responsibility for inconvenience or damage arising from the failure to convey any such member or members of the party.


11. Passengers Property & Lost Property


All vehicles hired by the Company are subject to restrictions on carrying luggage for statutory safety reasons. Large bulky items may not be able to be carried and the hirer should take all steps to notify the Company in advance of such requirements. The Company accepts any personal property of the hirer and their passengers on the understanding that it will take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage. The hirer should notify the Company or the driver if items of exceptional value are to be carried on the vehicle. It is the hirer’s responsibility to minimise risk of loss when property is left unattended. The Company will not be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, personal property left in vehicles, however caused. All lost property recovered from the vehicles will be held in our offices for a maximum of 3 months, if the item(s) have not been claimed within this time, they will be disposed of. All food items left on the coach will be disposed of immediately.


12. Acceptance of Coach Hire


Acceptance of Coach Hire is based on our full Terms and Conditions, available upon request. The terms of settlement in respect of coach hire are strictly balance prior to date of the hiring unless agreed otherwise in writing. Your confirmation will detail the precise date if different. The terms of settlement in respect of arrangements which the Hirer has requested over the normal coach hire will be by advance agreement. All reservations by the Hirer are accepted by the Company subject to the foregoing conditions.


13. Fuel Surcharges


All quotations for coach hire maybe subject to increase in the event of a severe increase in fuel costs.




In the event of complaint about the company's services, the hirer should endeavour to seek a solution at the time by seeking assistance from the driver, or from the company by calling our office on 0113 771474. If your complaint is not solved, complaints should be submitted in writing within 14 days of the termination of the hire to 112 New Forest Way, Leeds, LS10 4GH or by email to The Company shall reply to any complaints within 48 hours of receipt of same. 







ABBA Voyage
From Price: £229.00
Duration: 2 Days
Departure Date: 01/09/2024
Ayrshire Coast
From Price: £349.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 09/09/2024
Belfast, Titanic & The Giant's Causeway
From Price: £549.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 07/10/2024
Edinburgh Tattoo
From Price: £369.00
Duration: 3 Days
Departure Date: 14/08/2024
Great Yarmouth
From Price: £329.00
Duration: 5 Days
2 departure(s) between 15/07/2024 and 23/09/2024
Sandown - Isle of Wight
From Price: £399.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 26/08/2024
From Price: £279.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 07/10/2024
A Weekend in Northumberland
From Price: £329.00
Duration: 4 Days
Departure Date: 02/08/2024
St Annes
From Price: £299.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 09/09/2024
From Price: £529.00
Duration: 6 Days
Departure Date: 28/07/2024
Torquay at the Victoria Hotel
From Price: £349.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 19/08/2024
Welsh Borders Steam & Cruise
From Price: £499.00
Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 16/09/2024

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